Three Signs You May Be Experiencing Burnout

In my many discussions with business owners discussing the possibility of selling their business due to burnout it was found that few will actually use the term burnout.

They may come across with statements such as:

  • Their age is mentioned
  • They need to find more time for themselves and/or family
  • A medical condition with themselves or a family member
  • Technology
  • Workers
  • Etc

All of these factors as stated by owners can be interpreted as “burnout” or induced burnout by other factors.

Many business owners are so consumed by the business as well as being involved in so many facets that pre-burnout or burnout recognition is the furthest from their day to day process.

The three signs of burnout in this article do not necessarily tell you how to avoid burnout but can help a business owner evaluate if the time has come to sell the business.

It is important that a business owner has someone they trust and can be honest with throughout their ownership. This is a critical and an essential step every new or present business owner should consider.

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