What’s ahead for US Commercial Real Estate in 2020?

National Real Estate Investor published an interesting article the end of December 2019 in which seven CRE economists and researchers offered their predictions for 2020.

To many market analysts, the market is expected to remain stable, strengthened by high employment, favorable consumer opinion, and low interest rates.  If there is caution, it’s fueled by concern over political headwinds and/or a potential global showdown.

Which sectors are ‘hot?’ According to Jim Costello, Sr. VP with Real Capital Analytics, “The market seems to love the industrial sector…. At the same time, many investors and lenders seem to hate retail.” Costello suggests investors not focus on the property types, but the assets, and reminds investors us that locations, local economic demand, and physical characteristics matter an awful lot and not to get too aggressive with debt.

Read the rest of this interview and the opinions of 6 additional economists and researchers in the full article published December 23, 2019 in the National Real Estate Investor.