Small businesses sold up for 2nd year in a row – a trend continuing through 2019.

In 2018,, an online market for small businesses, reported a 4% increase in businesses sold since 2017, and a 31% increase over businesses sold in 2016. The number of businesses sold has been the highest the last 3 years since began tracking sales in 2007. This is attributed to a healthier economy and…Read More→

Around the Web: A Month in Summary

A recent article from Divestopedia entitled “7 Fundamentals to Due Diligence You Need to Know” explains the due diligence process and what it means regarding sellers and buyers and their roles in the process. Whether a company is being sold or it is merging with another company, it is standard practice to go through the…Read More→

A Look at Divestopedia’s Article, “The Myth of Fair Business Valuation”

In Divestopedia’s article, “The Myth of Fair Business Valuation: What Professional Valuations Don’t Tell You,” author Chak Reddy is quick to point out that the “type of buyer and method of sale are two important (yet often overlooked) value determinants when finding a starting price for your business.” Reddy brings up some excellent points. One…Read More→

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How the Right Business Model Can Improve Business Valuation

Selling your business is a deeply personal decision. When the time comes, owners understandably want to maximize their closing value. After all, they’ve committed years and perhaps a lifetime to building a successful company. One often overlooked driver of business value is the business model. Finding qualified buyers is a significant undertaking, and simplicity is…Read More→