Achieve What You Want With the Right Plan & the Right Talent

I pulled out a few notes from the article I would like to comment on:

  • “You can achieve anything you want in your business and life with the right plan implemented by the right talent.”
  • “Right plan has a vision, goals and an action plan.”
  • “The talent on your team is based on the strategy of the organization.”
  • “The plan drives what talent you need to achieve it.”
  • “The team that has the right people in the right positions to get it done.”

“Without strategy your talent is not focused and without talent your plan is not implemented.”

In my years in manufacturing we did it the complete opposite and thought by bringing in the talent they could help construct the strategy and eventually implement it successfully. As I think back, unless you have the vision, goals, and action plan strongly in place, how can you actually find the talent to carry out the strategy.

Many organizations struggle with spending year after year looking for talent and creating a strategy, but are unsuccessful in their attempts because they did not plan which led to profits.

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