Main Street Brokerage Services

Sale of your business

Main Street is an industry term that is more commonly known as a Small Business or Local Business. Creative Business Services / CBS-Global is a leader in the growing and dynamic business brokerage industry, providing its team of professional brokers with tried and true tools and methodologies to help buyers and sellers get businesses transferred.

The principal value of a Business Broker is to act as a buffer between the buyer and seller. Generally, businesses with a value up to One Million Dollars are handled through our Main Street Business Services Division.

Creative’s Main Street Business Services are packaged to provide you with a “no hassle, no surprises and successful” sale of your business.

Some company types generally included in Main Street: Restaurant, tavern, commercial land, service business, staffing company, retail.

Main Street, Main Street Brokerage Services

Main Street Common challenges and advantage solutions:

Solution: Replace fear and uncertainty by earning respect as a trusted and competent partner. If we can’t cross this hurdle with you, we will recommend you look elsewhere.

Solution: As a trusted partner, we will walk you through each step of our customized Business Brokerage process. The detailed outline gives you full knowledge of where we are in the process and the schedule for subsequent steps. Knowing where you are and where you will be going is our proven key to eliminate surprises.

Solution: Your understanding of our valuation method and process is our responsibility as a trusted partner. Starting with your price expectations, we identify and rate the market realities you are facing. Our marketing objective is to reach your total universe of qualified buyers with an accurate and consistent business profile. Buyers don’t like surprises either.

Solution: Strong seller and buyer emotions are a reality of business transfer. Effective emotion management is a trademark characteristic of the successful closing. We stay in-tune with all of the emotions linked to the closing process. As situations arise we look to the client for the emotional response and we provide the objective goal oriented test. The two roles are complimentary and ensure that both the emotional and analytical views are represented.

Solution: The adage, “You do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” was probably coined for the business closing process. Our task is to meet or exceed your expectations and they are at highest risk when on the negotiating table. In these situations our clients have at their disposal 32+ years of experience and the firm’s full compliment of resources to successfully represent your interests.

Solution: Your personal communication needs during the transaction process are unique to you. You prescribe how and when you wish the communication to flow. We will deliver. When a significant event surfaces or is completed, we will reach you immediately. Immediately means “24/7,” unless you identify specific times you do not wish to be disturbed.