Buyer Education

Any transition can be difficult

But transitioning the ownership and control of a business from one owner to another comes with unique challenges. Creative Business Services / CBS-Global will be your experienced partner and advisor in negotiating the transition period.

We can assist you to achieve a smooth and trouble free transition. We work closely with the buyer and outline what seller assistance will be needed. It is also possible to negotiate to have the seller stay on for a period of time to help with learning the business and dealing with employees. Through this means, the buyer can learn the specifics and nuances of running the business.

Negotiating a smooth transition means helping with everything from suppliers to employees, strategy and more. In short, knowing what to ask for during transition negotiations can be simply invaluable.

Buyer, Buyer Education

40+ years we’ve worked side-by-side with our buyer clients

We offer proven business brokerage services to those who want to find the right business investment. Over the past 40+ years we’ve worked side-by-side with our buyer clients in helping them find the right acquisition at the optimal price.

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global uses its network of International Business Brokers Association members and strategic partners to help ensure our collective success. We carefully screen all opportunities for the success of our clients.

Much can go wrong when buying a business, but with proper preparation and experience, surprises can be dramatically reduced. When you are buying a business, you need to do more than look at the financials. It is necessary to ask questions, compile data and look at an array of important facts before making your decision.

As a Buyer, it is important to know what questions to ask and what points to consider. For example:

  • What is the long-term potential of the business and where will it be in the coming years?
  • Which key employees will be staying with the business and what will they bring to the table?
  • How stable is the supply chain?
  • What are the potential disruptors in the area that could interfere with the business?
  • Where is the room for growth?
  • What do you expect to achieve with the business?

Creative Business Services / CBS-Global takes the CONFIDENTIALITY of all of our clients extremely seriously. For this reason we can only reveal specifics about the company offered for sale once you have signed a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Once the signing has taken place, we will begin assisting you on your journey towards buying the business that meets your acquisition criteria.

Buyers Benefit from Creative Business Services / CBS-Global
Someone looking to buy a business can benefit from hiring Creative Business Services / CBS-Global, because our brokers understand that buyers buy “cash flow” and economic performance. Therefore, Creative Business Services focuses on offering profitable businesses for sale.

Buy-Side Advisory

We’re highly results-oriented; that’s why Creative Business Services / CBS-Global doesn’t randomly introduce businesses to buyers. The process of acquiring a business can be seemingly all consuming. A great deal goes into the process, and that means things can go wrong. The right business brokerage firm knows what buyers should and shouldn’t do on the path to buying a business.

With over 35+ years of experience, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global knows what it takes to find the right business for our clients. By virtue of our membership in professional organizations, such as the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), we use a network of brokers and strategic partners to serve our clients. We carefully screen all acquisition opportunities to maximize success.

It’s necessary to go far beyond the financials – knowing what questions to ask and which points to consider is essential to the process. When you opt for Creative Business Services / CBS-Global, we stand with you from the beginning of the process straight through the finalized sale.

Our highly experienced and proven team is ready to assist you with everything from valuations and financing options to strategy, negotiations, acquisition and much more. By investing the time to understand your exact needs, we are able to provide a customized strategy for optimal results.