CARES Act – How Stimulus Can Help Fleets Stay Afloat

There is agreement from all that any damage financially, economically, business, employee etc that has or will be done to the transportation industry is of no fault of the industry or the men and women who work in it.

Economically the objective of our government is to bridge the financial gap between the COVID-19 timeline and when we come out of this very tragic timeframe. Within this article, there are some guidelines and direction for economic assistance.

  • Lending Programs/Tax Credits/Loans with Forgiveness
  • The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act
  • Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP)

As Transportation owners and employees who are putting forth substantial effort and sacrifices to support all individuals of the United States, we are truly thankful and appreciative of these efforts and individual sacrifices you are doing for all of us.

Hopefully this article will provide some financial guidance to bridge the gap within your transportation business for both you and your employees.

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