Cheese Market News article

Bob Wolter, Business Intermediary

In the article, It’s A Seller’s Market Today But A Perfect Storm Is Brewing, that I wrote and was in a recent issue of Cheese Market News, it has a message you should pay attention to in the coming years. The “Baby Boomers” have been a force affecting every market they entered into overtime.

Currently, 8,000 Baby Boomers retire each day in this country. 70% of all business owners are 53 or older and will want to sell their companies some day. This will have a long and lasting effect on the market and value. There are ways to prepare and the article will discuss how to take the steps to preserve and increase the value and marketability of your company.

As you probably know, Creative Business Services / Creative Business Services / CBS-Global has been working in the cheese and dairy industries for some time now. We have been effective in helping a number of clients successfully divest themselves of their companies. We also have secured shuttered plants for clients looking to launch their new businesses.

If you have been considering an exit strategy or have been thinking about merging with a capital healthy partner to expand your business and bring it to the next level, we can help. I welcome a confidential conversation as to strategic positioning going forward.