Here are a few notes of priority from the article.

There is nothing like a crisis to ignite innovation!!

How quickly a company can innovate when it removes the constraints of bureaucracy and adopt agile methods. Case in point, local, state, and federal bureaucracies abound during this pandemic. We have President Trump who is not a person to place roadblocks in the way of progress waving the routine bureaucracies of getting vaccines and treatments on a warp speed path vs select aspects of the federal and state levels playing politics with their every move and challenging the President’s progress.

  • Because of the pandemic, private businesses unlike many facets of government are discovering agility on the fly.
  • Another sign of today’s agility is the rapid increase in many businesses metabolic rate.
  • Keep in mind this spur of the moment agility is somewhat fragile
  • Knowing the fragility of agility requires companies to maintain a protocol for success.
  • Build an agile system is agile ways
  • Increase the speed of innovations
  • Reset the balance between standard operations and innovation

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 Source:  Darrell K. Rigby, Sarah Elk and Steve Berez
“Develop Agility that Outlasts the Pandemic” Harvard Business Review, May 15, 2020