Keep Your Foot on the Gas

Gary Van Sistine, Business Intermediary

Sometimes, if business owners wait a bit too long to get ready to sell, they might become worn out from the day-to-day responsibilities or have turned their attention to “life after retirement.” As a result, the business may also suffer and develop a “no one’s paying attention to me” bottom line.

My associate, Josh, and I like to tell owners, that we meet with, to “keep your foot on the gas!” Show prospective buyers that yours is a dynamic and forward moving company…one they would want to buy.

We recently talked to an owner who has a solid business. About two years ago, he began thinking about the day he would sell his company. He had other ventures in mind, but he never lost sight of the business in front of him. He has kept adding new customers, upgrading equipment and processes, even looking into a new patent that will streamline production.

He is listing his company for sale and buyers will be introduced to a gem. The energy and enthusiasm of this owner has never waned, and it shows in the plant’s appearance and in the profit and loss statements.

If you know you’ll want to sell within the next five years…NOW is the time to start talking with a business broker, for valuations, suggestions, and guidance. The first consultation is always free.