The M&A World is Turning the Corner

Josh Phillips, Business Intermediary

We have all heard from our inner circle of professionals, friends, and family that things are starting to get better. No matter what metric you choose to use as your basis for that knowledge, one that we care about here at Creative Business Services / Creative Business Services / CBS-Global, is the larger market of deals announced, which ultimately impacts some of the smaller market deals. We understand that the recession started in about 2007 actually, and followed the market decline, but with the markets coming back steadily, we feel smaller markets such as NE WI will also see growth through acquisitions, mostly by larger companies acquiring smaller strategic businesses for market share.
Please read the article Let’s Make A Deal: Mega-Mergers Drive M&A Frenzy, and see how the industry is trending upwards this year to be one of the largest years since the tech boom.