The need for change and the need for stability – What path does the business owner take?

There is some real contrast with the phrase “need for change and the need for stability”. Business owners are fighting this dichotomy daily with decisions, strategies and personnel choices they make to survive in their industries.

With change or with steadiness the business owner is always being openly viewed by customers, suppliers, and employees all with their eyes on what’s in it for them. People are watching the owner intently, trying to figure out what’s going on and reading into things that don’t exist. This is where the business owner has to over-communicate sometimes using technology.

Technology is the ever present force that owners struggle with by keeping it in place or moving to the next sottware or hardware version or re-vision. The past of research & development taking months, phases and series has been replaced by dynamic systems that occur in real time.

Decision making and the determination if technology specific is relevant has become a challenging aspect of ownership. Many times your consultant and/or your technical support personnel are not suited to advise you in the timeframe required. The business owner now faces the fact that they may also have to invest in more qualified technical employees in their pursuit of technology.

This is why as a business owner you have to know technology requires you to be continually learning, growing, and improving because technology does not stand still!