Ryan Pankratz

, Ryan Pankratz
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Ryan Pankratz

, Ryan Pankratz

Originally from Wisconsin, Ryan has eight years of experience in the financial planning sector where he worked for several different companies as a financial services professional. He specializes in business succession, helping clients transition in and out of businesses primarily located in the Midwest.

Ryan joined the Creative Business Services / CBS-Global team to assist clients with succession planning. He began working at Creative Business Services / CBS-Global as a business intermediary and mergers and acquisitions advisor, helping clients with both physical sales and business mergers. Over the years, Ryan has assisted numerous business owners with their most important buy-side and sell-side transitions.

In the past, Ryan has worked in the manufacturing industry and has considerable experience in manufacturing, transportation, and trucking. In 2018, Ryan successfully piloted a trucking deal in excess of $10 million dollars and oversaw a motorsports business merger and other consulting assignments.

Always putting the client’s best interests first, Ryan is a firm believer that trust, honesty, and integrity are at the core of all relationships, and this is exactly how he approaches every client and business situation.

, Ryan Pankratz
, Ryan Pankratz

He believes in investing the time to get to know his clients and build trust, and in the process, build a strong foundation for a profitable relationship. Listening to a client is at the heart of Ryan’s approach as it is only through listening that it is possible to understand a client’s needs and goals. In this way, Ryan gains the information necessary to best structure the deal from the client’s perspective. Ryan enjoys working collaboratively with a team of professional executives and officers as they accomplish his client’s goals. A family man, Ryan has been married for 14 years and has three children.

Sector Focus

Distribution and Wholesale

Companies in this sector distribute nondurable or durable goods, typically specializing by product category. The wholesale distribution industry in the US includes about 415,000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual sales of about $7.8 trillion.

The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient inventory management and order fulfillment operations.

, Ryan Pankratz


Services are occupations that require special training in the arts or sciences. Some require professional licenses such as architects, accountants, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and business brokers.

Regardless, the evaluation or value of a professional service business tends to be more subjective than scientific.

, Ryan Pankratz

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics involves the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water.

Additionally, this sector includes support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

, Ryan Pankratz


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