New Business Broker for Cheese and Dairy Industry


Glen Herman


Cheese and Dairy

Glen Herman is in the business of helping dairy owners who are thinking about SELLING their business. CBS-Global has had several recent dairy transactions in the dairy market.

When we became interested in niching in the dairy industry, it occurred to us that many of the sellers are getting to an age in thinking of divesture. This creates an opportunity for many formable dairy firms to do a “rollup” and acquire some of these very successful entrepreneurial dairy companies. But then there comes a time also when an owner needs to divest these assets for strategic reasons. As we have grown our M&A Practice, we’ve had the opportunity of working for large and successful clients in assisting them with their divesture needs.

As Business Brokers we have well-established relationships within the dairy industry. CBS- Global is also well connected in the private equity arena. There are several private equity groups who are in the dairy industry looking to build on their dairy portfolio. From what we are seeing these transactions are for the long term.

CBS-Global has relationships and the advertising we do enables us to find buyers that are anxious to purchase businesses. Many of these buyers often live in a different part of the country that we have dealt with on previous dairy transactions. There are also many individuals as well as private equity firms who prefer to approach a seller through a broker.

Glen builds a business relationship with our clients that highlights trust, confidence, professionalism and respect. CBS-Global believes and employs these values continuously in executing all our deals. To maintain our reputation and stay competitive, CBS-Global is required to live up to ambitious standards of integrity, accountability and results.

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