New Owners for Square Rigger Lodge in Door County


Michael Schwantes


Accommodation, Food & Beverage

Square Rigger Lodge, a 2.4-acre lakeside resort with an expansive private beach for its guests, features a 19-room motel in addition to five cottages, a four-bedroom rental home, and a bar and restaurant.

The LeClair family initially built the motel in June of 1984. In 1986, the family purchased the Lake Breeze Motel and Cottages immediately to the south of their new motel. In 1987, the bar and restaurant opened specializing in Door County fare including what would become the famous Square Rigger Galley Fish Boil. In 1990, the LeClair family added the four-bedroom residence.

For the past several decades, Elizabeth “Little Bit” LeClair has earned the reputation of providing her “Door County Charm” to hundreds of repeat customers. Square Rigger Lodge was sold to a family group that has stayed on the property every year since the early 1960s. They plan is to attract new generations of guests while continuing to host those who, like themselves, have been vacationing there for decades. Reservations are already being accepted for the coming season.

According to Little Bit, she will be enjoying her grandchildren and continue to be involved in the community. Born and raised in Door County, Little Bit will now have the time to really enjoy her native homeland.