Sources of Existential Angst

Suicide is not a topic any of us really want to talk about, but I found this article that attempts to take on the subject. Most if not all of us have been touched by suicide. These are what I believe important statements within the article:

I will start with Faith, Family and Friends!

  • A satisfying and purposeful life
  • The digital age has removed any barrier to entry when it comes to making one’s voice heard
  • Rather than showing the heights to which a person may soar, it shows the depths to which a person can descend
  • You can’t help but wonder how your own life measures up. More and more we see ourselves from outside ourselves
  • One’s “personal photo album” is open to hundreds of onlookers via social media. There is more pressure to perform – to edit the film of one’s life to show only the best
  • Distorting the contemporary landscape into something more threatening, more dangerous – more compelling – than it is!
  • You can pretty much do whatever you want, short of breaking the law, and endure minimal social repercussions
  • Social media exposes us, in full stylized, living color, to every other lifestyle option as well

This all leads me back to Faith, Family and Friends, Values, Traditions, and Practices which helps me withstand social and life challenges that are forced upon on me every day.

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