A Buyer’s Quandary

Statistics reveal that out of about 15 would-be business buyers, only one will actually buy a business. It is important that potential sellers be knowledgeable on what buyers go through to actually become business owners. This is especially true for those who have started their own business or have forgotten what they went thorough prior…Read More→

Finding Financing

Gary Van Sistine, Business Intermediary Here is a shout out to SBA lenders! I recently had a buyer looking at a potential restaurant purchase. He really liked it but didn’t think he could pull off the financing. “I don’t think I can do the deal,” he said during our phone conversation. It was obvious he…Read More→

Three Basic Factors of Earnings

Two businesses for sale could report the same numeric value for “earnings” and yet be far from equal. Three factors of earnings are listed below that tell more about the earnings than just the number. 1. Quality of earnings Quality of earnings measures whether the earnings are padded with a lot of “add backs” or one-time…Read More→