Development Group

Development Group

The Creative Development Group was created as a division of Creative Business Services / CBS-Global to facilitate new property development activities managed by its members. They focuses on the development of residential, industrial, and commercial property development.


Development Group, Development Group

Often, during the process of selling a property for a client, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global will recognize a valuable repurposing use for the property. When this happens, the group purchases the property and redevelops it accordingly. Additional opportunities occur during the buy / sell search of properties.

Through either avenue, Creative Business Services / CBS-Global lives up to its Creative roots to maximize profit for all shareholders.

Current Non-Confidential development

New Condominium

Elegance and classic style in beautiful downtown Egg Harbor Wisconsin.
The residences at Village View are designed to be a by retreat…it’s pure elegance defined.

“A sanctuary, a home and a place of rejuvenation.”