Mike Van

Transportation/Logistics Business Intermediary

Mike Van

A US Air Force veteran, Mike spent 35 years working through the ranks of manufacturing and operations. He was a vice-president in charge of multiple sites spanning three states.

During his time in manufacturing and operations, Mike headed up a $10,000,000 expansion project and a $25,000,000 greenfield operation. He possesses a background that makes it uniquely suited to be a business broker and operate his own consulting service.

As a business intermediary, Mike specializes in the areas of transportation/logistics, professional services and manufacturing. He has achieved considerable success in the realm of business relations and negotiations.

Working in the diverse field of business brokerage allows Mike to utilize the skills he built up over three decades. Thanks to these skills, he is able to build strong buyer/seller working relationships and successfully complete deals. An expert in selling businesses, Mike prides himself on helping clients effectively negotiate the numerous pitfalls and hurdles that can appear in any business transaction.

Mike understands the needs of both buyers and sellers which, in turn, allows him to provide a smooth, confidential, and rewarding process for all parties. Whether his clients are looking to buy or sell a business, Mike has the experience and know-how to facilitate the process from beginning to end. His philosophy is built around the pillars of respect, honesty, integrity, mentoring and carefully listening to clients.

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CBS-Global expert: Bob Wolter, Darren Harrington, Fan Zhang, John Foster, Mary Lou VanDeusen, Michael Schwantes, Mike Van, Ryan Pankratz, Tom Martin
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CBS-Global expert: Bob Wolter, Mike Van, Ryan Pankratz
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