Deal Communication and Technology

Today’s technology has made it a lot easier for M&A professionals. Information about buyers and sellers is readily available online, which allows buyers to find and act on deals all across the country and from under the radar sources which weren’t available before.   If one is heavily relying on technology to assist in the deal,…Read More→

The Bogus Trade War Victory is Bogus for the Dairy Industry

The Canadian Trade War “Victory” Claims for U.S. Dairy are Bull Flatulence! “Victory” shouts from the likes of President Donald Trump, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the dairy co-op lobby — National Milk Producers Federation are hollow! The recent United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) accomplishes virtually nothing for U.S. Dairy Farmers and processors, in…Read More→

Exclusivity Period/No Look Period during Due Diligence of an Acquisition

In the acquisition process after the “Letter of Intent” has been agreed to and signed by all parties, there is a “no look” period in which the potential buyer has exclusivity for a period of time prior to the date of purchase, usually 45 to 75 days, depending on the size of the deal. The…Read More→

Strategic Buyers vs. Financial Buyers

These two kinds of buyers have fundamental different goals.  In the M&A world, strategic buyers often pay higher multiples than financial buyers.  In many instances, strategic buyers are looking at different elements of the acquisition and they may have different mechanisms in which to generate a healthy return on their investment. Strategics often have an…Read More→

International Trade Wars Disrupting Dairy Commodity Prices

The recent enactment of tariffs on American made goods is having an impact on the dairy industry, specifically cheese manufacturers and other dairy products manufacturers. Mexico and China are the largest recipients of American cheese and dairy products and producers are very concerned their customers will find other resources for their needs and may not…Read More→

Dairy Issues on Agenda in Fourth Round NAFTA Talks

There is growing momentum from the European Union (EU) to force the issue of cheese’s geographic origins on U.S. and other countries. For instance, in the case of Parmesan: If the EU had their way. Parmesan could only be labeled and marketed as Parmesan only if it’s produced in Italy. Therefore, Italy or any other…Read More→

Production of U.S. Cheese Climbs 2.3 Percent in August

The NAFTA negotiations are proceeding slowly and some significant gains have been made as it relates to Canada.  The goal is to have an agreement between Mexico, the US and Canada by the end of the year. Read the article, Production of U.S. Cheese Climbs 2.3 Percent in August, from Cheese Market News, from more…Read More→

Dairy Stakeholders Spotlight Concerns Over GIs in CETA

The US consumption of cheese and butter continues to climb.  Wisconsin continues to lead the nation in cheese production followed by California, Idaho, New Mexico, New York and Minnesota. California leads in butter production.  I bought a pound of butter over the weekend and paid $6.50 for a pound!  I invite you to read the…Read More→

U.S. Dairy Exports See 15-Percent Increase in May

It wasn’t too long ago that U.S. exports were down significantly due to the high dollar and the fall off of exports to China. Today, it’s a different story with big improvement from Japan, North Korea and Central America. Check out the article, U.S. Dairy Exports See 15-Percent Increase in May, for more information. Bob…Read More→