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We’re Here For You!

We at Creative Business Services / Creative Business Services / CBS-Global are committed to doing our part to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and remain dedicated to delivering quality service to our transportation clients. While these are anything…

The Rationality of Emotions

I know that emotions is a subject that does not necessarily come up or out in conversation due to its uncertainty. As a Business Intermediary, our clients who sell their businesses do get emotional as they tell their story of…

Just the Facts

John Foster, Business Broker and host of WOMT’s Just The Facts welcome fellow colleague Mike Van to discuss various aspect of selling a business including what it’s like to be a business broker, business valuation, and how to increase the value…

Infographic: The Do’s and Don’ts of Constructive Criticism

I am sure we have all been through the uncomfortable job of giving and/or receiving constructive criticism. It might have been to an employee, supplier or a customer. As in most things in life constructive criticism is a two way street and requires adult behavior from the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism. It all comes down to a strong sense of listening and understanding from both parties. Please read full article:  Infographic: The Do’s and Don’ts of Constructive Criticism

Questions Business Owners Ask Me and the Answers I Give Them

As a Business Intermediary, these questions and answers within this article hit home for any perspective business owner thinking about selling in the short or long term timeframe. Here are some key points that I have used continuously throughout my career with my clients. I find that LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING AND EDCUCATION my clients goes a long way in my relationships and a successful selling process. The price a Buyer offers you that you are willing to accept Do not allow your business to be too dependent upon you Stay focused and operate your business as if it will never sell

Can We Get More Done in Our Lives or is This Just a Myth?

The key question from this article is “Are you treating every minute of your day equally”? The article explores and asks each one of us if we treat the minute we crawl out of bed differently than the minute we take on a challenge. Do we stretch minutes or do we rush minutes? As a business how and why do you expand your workforce? With that workforce expansion do we track if there is an actual increase in the work that is done? Although academia, government and business may find the analysis beneficial and worthwhile, it is the personal side

The Future of Talent Development

The short article, The Future of Talent Development, is very informative for any organizational leader or an aspiring leader. I took three very important sentences from the article that I have either witnessed or been challenged with in my career. “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” “The future of talent development is developing the entire person.” “You must develop an employees soft skills as well, which enables them to live a more fulfilling life.” Throughout my career of Manufacturing Leadership and Consulting it has become very evident that leadership of any kind requires understanding and

Achieve What You Want With the Right Plan & the Right Talent

I pulled out a few notes from the article I would like to comment on: “You can achieve anything you want in your business and life with the right plan implemented by the right talent.” “Right plan has a vision, goals and an action plan.” “The talent on your team is based on the strategy of the organization.” “The plan drives what talent you need to achieve it.” “The team that has the right people in the right positions to get it done.” “Without strategy your talent is not focused and without talent your plan is not implemented.” In my

Sources of Existential Angst

Suicide is not a topic any of us really want to talk about, but I found this article that attempts to take on the subject. Most if not all of us have been touched by suicide. These are what I believe important statements within the article: I will start with Faith, Family and Friends! A satisfying and purposeful life The digital age has removed any barrier to entry when it comes to making one’s voice heard Rather than showing the heights to which a person may soar, it shows the depths to which a person can descend You can’t help